Dee Ann Warner’s Brother Describes What Dale Warner and Law Enforcement Did When His Sister Disappeared

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3 min readJul 9, 2022


Photo courtesy of Parker Hardy.

In Tecumseh, Michigan, 4 adults and one child are missing their mother. Six children want their Nana back. A brother mourns his sister. Many people wish their sassy, loyal friend was still here. The community wants justice for Dee Ann Warner, the 52-year-old businesswoman who disappeared over a year ago. Without a trace.

News of Dee’s story is spreading. Throughout Michigan. Across the United States. Podcasts about Dee Warner are being watched across the globe. The same question has been asked over and over. Why hasn’t there been an arrest?

Gregg Hardy, Dee’s brother attempts to answer that question in an interview with News Nation Prime. He believes there are three possible reasons Lenawee County Sheriff’s Office hasn’t taken anyone into custody. First, they may say they don’t have the evidence needed to make an arrest and get a conviction. “We strongly disagree with that. We have mountains of evidence,” Hardy said.

Second, there may be a may be a lack of interest on getting this case solved. Or it could be incompetence.

Third, authorities have received, and continue to receive, copious amounts of evidence from a team of top-notch investigators like Billy Little, Jr. and Chris McDonough, who have volunteered their time to find the truth for Dee’s family. Hardy wants to know why authorities haven’t acted on the information they’ve been given. He wonders if there is a motive. While he has been on good terms with law enforcement throughout this investigation, he is not ruling out corruption.

“Early in the investigation is the most critical time. And there’s absolutely no question that the early time of this investigation was not handled as professionally as it should have been,” Hardy said. “Mr. Warner’s story which was totally bogus, that the police in my opinion, put too much stock in, was the fact that he said, ‘Well, she’s left before. She’ll be back.”

Hardy wishes they would have pressured him to explain how she could have left without money, a vehicle, a passport, or a ride from someone. Dee lived on a dirt road, surrounded by farmland. How did she elude the security…



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