We weren’t so different

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It’s become a tradition

The author ignoring Hemingway’s staring problem. Photo courtesy of author.

I found it by accident

Sam and I wandered into City Park Grill in Petoskey for a late afternoon lunch and a couple of cocktails. We sat at the empty bar. It was late-Autumn, after the colorful leaves had already fallen — a lull in tourism until the snow falls.


He gave me something far more precious

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We both needed some mending

I met Tommy in Ann Arbor at a place where broken people went to get fixed.

I think I set a world record

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The invitation

My uncle called me a few weeks before Christmas on a Wednesday night.

How confession was key to my mental health

St. Joseph’s Shrine’s stations of the cross in Brooklyn, Michigan. Photo curtesy of author.

Photo by Larisa Birta on Unsplash

Photo courtesy of the author.

I learned to cherish what I had, instead of dwelling on what I lost

Our section of the lodge. Photo courtesy of the author.

I needed a change of direction

Photo courtesy of the author.

Bad for the environment or good for the soul?

image by author

Tracy Stengel

Writer and freelance fiction editor. Find me curled up w/ a blanket of metaphors or at www.tracystengel.com. You can buy me ☕️ at https://ko-fi.com/tracystengel

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